Graduate Support Program

Graduate Support Program

Graduate Support Program (GSP)

At Nativity Prep Academy, our Graduate Support Program (GSP), is perhaps the most critical component of our college-focused mission. GSP establishes and sustains a college culture beginning in the sixth grade and continuing through college graduation by providing students and graduates academic support and college counseling with the personal care that remains the hallmark of our school.

In 2009, Nativity Prep started GSP classes for middle school students as a once-a-month class for the eighth graders. GSP also invited the twelfth graders to attend weekly workshops. In 2013, the program evolved into a weekly class for each grade level. And in 2015, all of the high school students were invited to attend weekly workshops to prepare them to do well in high school and college. 

11+ Year Commitment

The Graduate Support Program guides and supports the students toward their goal of graduating from high school and college. The students and their families make a commitment for 11 years (3 in middle school, 4 in high school, and 4+ in college). Each year, the students and families review and sign a contract.  All students and families are expected to attend the annual Graduate Support Community Success Day, a one-day conference with workshops for students and adults geared toward college and career preparation. 

Middle School- Three Years

The Graduate Support program begins in sixth grade. Sixth graders explore and present a professional career. Seventh graders research and present 4-year university. Eighth graders prepare for high school placement tests, research high school options with their family and present a culminating portfolio to the Nativity Prep community. Throughout middle school, students create and update their resumes. Nativity Prep graduates have the opportunity to apply for a high school scholarship to attend one of the local Catholic high schools. Approximately 80% of the students attend a private or Catholic high school, 15% attend a charter school and 5% attend public schools.

High School- Four Years

As the students transition to high school, the Graduate Support Program is there to guide and advise them. All high school students are expected to attend the GSP summer workshops and weekly workshops during the school year. They also have opportunities to attend college campus tours and social activities. All students and their families meet one-on-one with GSP to review academic and personal goals. 

Ninth grade workshops focus on the transition into high school, study skills, and social-emotional learning. Tenth and eleventh graders research colleges, careers, community service and internship opportunities. Twelfth graders focus on college applications, scholarships, and financial aid applications. Each graduating class has the opportunity to apply for the Adelante Scholarship, a $5000 scholarship every year for four years of college. They can also apply for the Keith Foundation scholarship, a $10000 scholarship.

Students who earn a high school scholarship must reapply for the scholarship annually and are expected to maintain the following requirements:

Extracurricular Activity per semester
Community Service At NPA
Freshman (9th)
minimum one
10 hours
Sophomore (10th)
minimum two
15 hours
Junior (11th)
minimum three
20 hours
Senior (12th)
minimum three
25 hours

Our high school students are enrolled at the following high schools:

College- Four Years +

College students are supported academically and personally throughout college. The transition to college begins with a College Success Workshop the summer before entering college. GSP visits its first-year students at their colleges and communicates with all students monthly through emails, phone calls and/or text messages. GSP supports its college students with financial aid, scholarships, resume writing, internships and employment opportunities. College students have the opportunity to apply for a book scholarship once every semester. 

For the last four years, 100% of Nativity Prep graduates have graduated from high school and enrolled in college. Approximately 60% of graduates enroll in 4-year colleges and 40% enroll in community colleges. GSP supports its community college students to transfer to a 4-year college.

There are 14 students enrolled at the University of San Diego through the Torero Promise:

Our students are enrolled at the following colleges and universities:

Beyond College

College graduates receive support with letters of recommendation, resume writing, interviewing practice, graduate & professional school and job search.