Meet our Faculty and Staff

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

All members of our full-time teaching faculty have earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a variety of U.S. colleges and universities and many have earned their graduate

degrees. For information on teaching positions, please contact Mr. Elijah Bonde, Principal, at 619-544-9455, or by e-mail at

Jessica Hooper


Jodi Drake


Elijah Bonde

VP Institutional Advancement

Xochitl Alvarez

Graduate Support Program

Beatriz Cabañas

Director of Marketing & Communications

Brian Hicke

Associate Director of Advancement

Isabel Martinez

Office Manager/Nutrition Specialist

Kristine Bacon

Database Manager

Bridgette Ouimette

Events & Community Outreach

Maria Power

Director of Mentoring

Josie Alvarez

School Counselor/GSP Associate Director

Sara Odioso

Math Teacher

Julie Booth

Science Teacher

Jennifer Washle

Social Studies Teacher

Alyssa Vazquez

Religion Teacher/Director of School Ministry

Lisa Trojnar

English Teacher

Jose Gonzalez

Teacher/Director of Admissions

Deborah Scipione


Dezaray Martinez

Project Manager

Esmeralda Nequiz

Facility Consultant

Committed to To Our Families

We are Fortunate

Our extended-day and extended-year schedules require our teachers and staff to make real sacrifices with regard to salary and lifestyle. We are fortunate each year to have a highly talented group of educators who are deeply committed to our students and families.