Presidents Welcome

Presidents Welcome

Dear Friends

I am often asked to define our mission at Nativity Prep. When asked, I respond with a request. Do you mind if I talk about the difference between mission and purpose, as I see it? Thankfully, most people will allow me the opportunity to share this perspective.I believe the mission of an organization is what you are collectively focused on accomplishing. It is objective, it is measurable, and it must serve the purpose of the organization. The purpose of an organization is why you exist. This is aspirational; it is enduring, and it may be slightly more challenging to assess.

At Nativity Prep, our purpose is to develop our student’s and families’ ability to live a life of opportunity, choice, and service. This ability requires faith, grit, compassion, and confidence. The environment where one can develop this ability requires academic support, social-emotional support, mentoring, and a genuine experience of being known, loved, and valued. In addition, the environment must have high expectations. As our Graduate Support Director, Xochitl Alvarez, often says, “We are not preparing our students to be admitted to college; we are preparing them to excel in college.”

Our mission is college graduation for every student, and the Nativity Prep community has worked incredibly hard over the past 20 years to fulfill this mission. Whether you are a prospective parent, benefactor, or volunteer, I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about who we are and what we do, our students’ successes, and the many ways that you can get involved.

Jessica Hooper