About Our School

About Our School

About Our School

Nativity Prep is a member of the NativityMiguel Coalition, which includes 49 member schools located in 16 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian Provinces. NativityMiguel schools educate nearly 3,500 students and support over 6,000 graduates.

The tenets of the Coalition:

At Nativity Prep Academy, we follow these tenets in a way that best impacts our community. Our Catholic faith runs throughout our program. This identity is rooted in the teachings of the Jesuits, our affiliation with the CSJ Educational Network, and the Catholic Social Teachings. We look at these teachings through the lens of our Community Values.

To learn more about our Faith Formation program, please click here.

In middle school, we have longer school days starting at 8 AM and finishing at 5 PM. We have on average 200 school days that include summer support for our students. We emphasize the importance of having additional time with our students to help build stronger relationships and to raise the expectations of our students.

We emphasize a learning environment that encourages students, families, and faculty to continually grow and develop. This constant growth is reinforced for the students in our Standard-Referenced Grading system and our student-led parent conferences. These both shift the ownership of the learning to the students and shifts the focus from achievement to growth.

Specifically, our students study the following courses:

As non-graded classes, we also offer classes on:

To offer our students experiences with the arts, we have partnered with four programs. These programs come once a week for an hour and a half to work with our students on different art offerings. 

Currently, we are partnered with and offering:

The families are called to learn and grow with us through our Family Engagement Program. To learn more about these workshops and classes, please visit here.

The faculty are also expected to be learning and growing with the community. Each week during the art partnership period, the faculty meets for professional learning. These sessions align with schoolwide growth initiatives to ensure a high-quality program for the students.