President’s Message – Winter 2024

President’s Message – Winter 2024

Dear Friends of Nativity Prep,

The good, the true, and the beautiful; each day, Nativity Prep students embark on a courageous journey to uncover these virtues in their lives. Our diverse student body, encompassing 72 middle schoolers, 84 high schoolers, and more than 116 college scholars, unite in a shared quest. They seek to create lives anchored in authenticity and faith, aspiring to transcend the boundaries of their lived experience. They dare to dream, and we are honored to accompany them in their pursuits.

I invite you to consider the following: When did you first exceed the dreams your parents held for you? At Nativity Prep, the American Dream is core to the pursuits of our students. With a commitment to creating lives of opportunity, choice, and service, Nativity Prep students pursue success and economic mobility, which is only made possible with their relentless hard work and unwavering determination. They are courageous enough to pursue a life experience beyond the one that they have known. While their courage is inspiring, their determination galvanizes hope.

Time and time again, I hear from Nativity Prep donors, volunteers, mentors, faculty, and staff that while they give of their time, talent, and treasure, they receive so much more in return. Suppose there was one resounding word that encapsulates the gift that Nativity Prep students bring to the world each day. In that case, it is hope: they emulate hope for a better tomorrow, hope for the capacity of humanity, and hope created by the power of a loving community. They inspire us to believe in the Dream.

As we begin another New Year, I invite you to get involved in the daily life of Nativity Prep. Here at Nativity Prep, individuals come together, contributing their gifts and talents and the world is better for it. For the dreams of Nativity Prep to be realized, we need each and every one of you to both care and tend to the miracle that is Nativity Prep. If you are already involved, thank you. If you are new to Nativity Prep and curious to learn more, we would certainly love to meet you.

I hope you will consider this invitation to join us and support the journey of our Nativity Prep students as they strive toward their dreams. Together, we can play a vital role in helping these students turn their dreams into reality.

God Bless,
Jessica Hooper