President’s Message – Fall 2023

President’s Message – Fall 2023

At Nativity Prep, we’re deeply committed to transforming mindsets. We turn “I Can’t” into “I CAN” for every student. Every year, our middle schoolers kick off their Graduate Support Program classes with a powerful declaration: “I will graduate from high school and college!” Our dedication to our students is unwavering, and we stand by their side every day further building their belief in themselves.

Our families hail from circumstances where the dream of higher education can feel distant, if not unreachable. While many children in San Diego enjoy privileges such as private schooling, the assurance of a family income that meets basic needs, or the advantage of English as their native language, most Nativity Prep students have grown up without these benefits. The weight of generational challenges can cast long shadows over their aspirations. Yet, it’s precisely this backdrop of adversity that makes the spirit and resilience of our students so extraordinary. In a world where the odds are seemingly stacked against them, Nativity Prep stands as a testament to the boundless potential that exists when opportunity meets determination.

The 11 year journey from 6th grade to a college graduation is never without struggles. Core to our daily practice is our commitment to uphold high expectations for our students. Why? Because we believe in their capacity. While we fully depend on the generosity of our donor community to make this educational experience possible, when it comes to the student experience, nothing is given; everything is earned. It is because of this commitment to high expectations that students can feel confident that their success is their own. Nativity Prep students work longer, harder, and spend more time learning than most other kids their age. Their journey is one of grit and determination.

It is because of the generosity of our donor community that this year, we are able to serve the most students we have ever served. With 270 Nativity Prep students represented in grades 6 through college, we are more committed than ever to supporting students in their pursuit of their potential. This is the heart of Nativity Prep, a testament to the idea that when community comes together with purpose and passion, it creates an environment where dreams don’t just live, they thrive.

On behalf of all of us at Nativity Prep, as well as our students and their families, thank you for striking out that “T” and becoming the catalyst for something extraordinary. With your support, Nativity Prep students CAN!

If you haven’t visited our campus recently or at all, we warmly welcome you to join us! Attend our Wednesday mass at 1:00 pm, consider mentoring one of our middle school students, or contact us to arrange a personalized tour. Help us spread the wonderful story of Nativity Prep—come by and bring a friend along! We value you and your partnership.

With Gratitude,

Jessica Hooper