Graduate Support Program

Graduate Support Program

Our unique and comprehensive Graduate Support Program (GSP) is a critical component of the 11-year commitment we make to our students as they continue their education in high school and college.

Our Graduate Support Program provides the following services to our graduates as we remain alongside them during their journey to earning a college degree:

  • A middle school curriculum focused on high school, college, and career preparedness
  • Comprehensive support for high school admissions and placement, including financial scholarship aid
  • Adult volunteer college coaches for all graduates
  • Summer academic enrichment for graduates
  • ‘Senior Academy’ classes, offering comprehensive support for the college admissions process
  • Ongoing communication with each graduate, to track progress and to maintain and develop alumni friendships

Middle School Curriculum – All middle students participate weekly in a Graduate Support class where they learn about high school, college, careers, financial aid, etc. In sixth grade, each student is expected to create a career poster that demonstrates the skills and education required for a career he/she is interested in. In seventh grade, each student selects a university to research and makes a formal (i.e., graded) presentation to an audience of his/her middle school peers. And in eighth grade, each student writes an I-search paper based on his/her interests for college and career.       

High School Admissions – As early as sixth grade, our students and their parents begin visiting high schools and discerning the best choices for matriculation to the ninth grade. In eighth grade, we work more closely with parents and students to help them prepare for interviews, for admissions test-taking, and for the timely completion of the written application.

College Coaching Program – After graduating from eighth grade, each graduate is paired with an adult volunteer college coach. This person serves as a mentor and advisor to the student as he/she goes on to high school. Graduates and college coaches meet individually once a month, as well as in a group setting for a variety of college-themed activities throughout the year.

Alumni Study Hall – Graduates in any of the four years of high school may return to Nativity after their school day ends, on any day when school is in session, to attend study hall and to receive tutoring from teachers and volunteers, all free of charge.

Summer Programs – All of our high school students are expected to participate fully in a summer enrichment program, either at Nativity or through their own high schools. Our on-site summer program for graduates includes the following components: our ninth- and tenth-grade students work on math and writing enrichment classes; our eleventh graders begin their college preparation by researching colleges and college scholarships, discerning ACT vs. SAT, and building their college resume; and our twelfth graders hone their college personal statement and continue to work more closely on discerning best-fit college choices.

Senior Academy – One night a week, graduates and their families can work on college applications and college scholarship applications. This service is open to any graduate of our school currently enrolled as a full-time, fourth-year (i.e., senior) high school student and is available on-campus throughout the school year.

Ongoing Contact – We maintain ongoing contact with each graduate in a number of ways, including formal and informal visits to their high schools, meetings with families, and monthly e-newsletters. We also host three to four scheduled social events throughout the year as an opportunity for graduating classes to reunite with their peers.

For more information on supporting our GSP, please contact Mrs. Xochitl Alvarez, Director of Graduate Support, at 619-544-9455, x 244, or by e-mail at