Augustinian Foundation Grant

Augustinian Foundation Grant

Nativity Prep was honored to receive a grant from the Augustinian Foundation to support purchasing new kitchen equipment as part of the STEM Center Renovation. In addition to state-of-the-art learning spaces, the new STEM Center will also include a restored, commercial kitchen. Nativity Prep provides daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks to students. Our Family Association of Nativity (FAN) provides meals for
special events like the Sponsor Lunch, and we partner with Feeding San Diego as a Food Pantry site. The old kitchen was not functional and we are so grateful to the Augustinian Foundation for this award.

Restoring the kitchen will allow us to offer:

Enhanced nutritional services to students: Nativity will provide freshly prepared, healthy, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks on-site that are responsive to student needs and meet students’ dietary considerations.

On-site Catering/Food Prep for Meetings/Events: providing a meal for evening parent meetings translates into higher attendance. Additionally, eating together fosters and strengthens our community. The FAN can also use the kitchen to prepare food for fundraising events, sponsor lunch, and faculty/staff appreciation day.

Food Pantry/Food Rescue Site: Nativity Prep currently provides food boxes to 70 families bi-weekly as a School Pantry. As part of the kitchen restoration, we will install a walk-in cooler and freezer to partner with Feeding San Diego to distribute fresh food to families.

Revenue Stream: With a modern, working commercial kitchen Nativity can provide a fee-for-service to local caterers and food truck operators who need access to a commercial kitchen to grow their business including some of Nativity’s own families.

The Augustinian Foundation supports activities that promote peace, justice, education, community development, and providing care to those in need in the spirit of St. Augustine.