Meet our Faculty and Staff

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

All members of our full-time teaching faculty have earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a variety of U.S. colleges and universities and many have earned their graduate

degrees. For information on teaching positions, please contact Mr. Elijah Bonde, Principal, at 619-544-9455, or by e-mail at

Gil Brady


Ms. Alyssa Vasquez

Teaching Faculty & School Ministry

Xochitl Alvarez

Director of Graduate Support Program

Elijah Bonde


Maria Power

Director of Mentoring

Caitlin Phillips

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Diana Junge

Director of Operations

Jessica Hooper

VP Institutional Advancement

Brian Hickey

Associate Director of Development

Sara Odioso

Teaching Faculty

Isabelle Martinez

Family Liaison

Kevin Kacvinsky

Marketing & Communications

Jose Gonzalez

Teaching Faculty & Admissions Coordinator

Jodi Drake

Assistant Principal

Jennifer Washle

Teaching Faculty

Julie Booth

Teaching Faculty & Academic Support

Deborah Scipione

Teaching Faculty

Kristine Bacon

Data Manager

Bianney Alvaros

Nutrition Specialist

Lisa Trojnar

Teaching Faculty

Josie Alvarez

Director of Student Wellness

Committed to To Our Families

We are Fortunate

Our extended-day and extended-year schedules require our teachers and staff to make real sacrifices with regard to salary and lifestyle. We are fortunate each year to have a highly talented group of educators who are deeply committed to our students and families.