Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student

Student Sponsorship

Sponsor a Middle School Student

A gift of $16,500 provides a Nativity Prep middle school student with the gift of an excellent education, built on 9 hour, extended-day schedule.  Middle school students sponsors will receive a correspondence from the student you are assisting as well as letters throughout the year from the students.  You will also receive an invitation in the spring to join us for a homemade lunch, served by our Nativity Prep parents, and you will have the opportunity to eat lunch with the student you sponsor.

Sponsor a High School Student

A gift of $8,000 annually provides a Nativity Prep middle school graduate with a scholarship to a college-prep, private high school and weekly support services and workshops for one year. High school student sponsors will receive a profile of a student you are assisting and correspondence from the student in the spring so you will be updated on his or her educational progress.

Sponsor a College Student

A $2,500 annual commitment, these funds support our textbook scholarship program, college visits from our staff to assist with connecting students to campus resources, and an emergency fund to assist with the various needs that arise (travel, food costs, winter clothing, etc.). As first-generation students, from historically under-resourced backgrounds the incidentals required for the collegiate experience can create vulnerability in their ability to graduate. Through our support, we are able to assure they graduate at a rate far beyond their demographic peers.