High Schools Attending

High Schools Attending

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To date, 99% of our graduates have earned their high school diploma, and more than 86% have matriculated to a two- or four-year college or university.

The 11-year commitment to our students continues long after eighth-grade graduation in June. Through our Graduate Support Program, we help our students every step along the way to college. Our work day in and day out at the middle school level is geared toward preparing our students for the next step on the journey to college and a professional career—their matriculation to high school.

What services does Nativity Prep’s Graduate Support Program provide?

In addition to the 60-70 students we educate annually in our middle school, we continue to support our 150+ graduates in a variety of high schools and colleges.  The primary goals of the Graduate Support Program are to offer students the support they need to enroll in and excel at the top independent and Catholic schools throughout San Diego County, and to provide the resources and tools that enable our graduates to continue their journey to college.

Once a week, our high school students return to Nativity Prep to reconnect and to begin their preparation and research for college.  During that time, they also work on personal statements, college applications, financial aid forms, SAT/ACT Prep classes, internships, resume preparation and much more.

This comprehensive support includes, but is not limited to, the following components: (1) high school placement (2) financial assistance for high school tuition, transportation, books, and fees (3) parental involvement (4) ‘college-knowledge’ seminars (5) career days and college tours (6) SAT prep classes (7) college research (8) college application assistance, and (9) leadership development.  Additionally, our director of Graduate Support maintains regular contact with our graduates, their schools, and their families to ensure they continue to excel in high school and enroll in the college of their choice.

High School Acceptances

Below is a list of the high schools our last year’s 8th grade class middle school graduates earned admission to. Stay tuned for news about this year’s graduating class!