Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Where Are They Now?

See what's changed in our students lives after graduation from Nativity Prep.

Each year we spotlight a few of our college graduates to share their journey through college graduation, and to see what they’re up to now. We’re extremely proud of their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. We’re grateful to the entire Nativity Prep community for supporting and guiding these ambitious young men and women to live a life of greater options and meaning. 


Class of 2005


Jennifer has been a trailblazer since the day two
teachers knocked on the door of her parents’ home and
recruited her to join the very first class at Nativity Prep Academy. 


Class of 2005


David Ortiz, Nativity Prep class of 2005, and San Diego
State University class of 2015, is a shining example of
how investing in nativity Prep’s students can transform a life. 


Class of 2009


Melyna graduated with a Health Administration and Policy degree, and is now earning her Masters Degree in Public Health Administration. 


Class of 2011

Lesly Castro

When Lesly graduated from UC Merced in May of 2019, it was the culmination of a journey of perseverance and preparation.


Class of 2013

AthziriArcos-29 1
Athziri is working for a local biotech firm, Wuxi App Tech after she graduated from UC Merced with an undergraduate degree in Biology in 2021.


Class of 2011

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Carlos is currently working as an
Elementary School Teacher’s Assistant at Francis Parker School.