NPA Class of 2022 Graduation

NPA Class of 2022 Graduation

Friday, June 17 was the culmination of three years of our 11-year journey with the Class of 2022. This graduation for our now 9th graders was a special celebration after a hard three years during the COVID-19 pandemic. We send them off to high school excited to see their success there.

At graduation, we were honored to have John Galvan, former Director of the Office for Schools for the Diocese of San Diego as our guest speaker. John served in this role for eight years and transitioned to a new role at the National Catholic Educational Association this year.

We had student award recipients aligned with our Community Values, Parent Honorary Diplomas, or PHDs, for years of service to the school, and Honorary Diplomas to community members and staff who have served our community. The recipients are below:

Student Value Awards
Judith P.: Barbara Caster Honorary Award (Faithful)
Yuliana A.: Rod and Arlene Powers Honorary Award (Loving)
Fatima H.: Axel Schöepflin Memorial Award (Inquisitive)
Victor J.: Dr. Richard Kelly Award for Outstanding Character (Perseverant)
Tri L.: Del Centanni Honorary Award (Responsible)

Honorary Diplomas
John Galvan
Diana Junge
Jeff Wagner
Jessie Geshay
Tracy Page
Alberto Pulido
Dennis Dunne
Cindy Jenson-Elliott
Bianney Avalos
Caitlin Phillips

Isabel Martinez
Jorge and Martina Partida
Salome Robles
Vianey Pilo
Maria Garcia