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Every year we have the honor of recognizing a few community members whose contributions have significantly impacted the establishment and growth of Nativity Prep. 

This year due to Covid, the celebration of our honorees will look slightly different. We will announce the 2021 Magi Circle honorees throughout the year.

A Word from Our President

For all of us, 2020 will be a year that we may be motivated to forget. The year brought challenges in every aspect of our lives. As we experienced disruption to the level of connectedness we share, the difficulty of remaining hopeful and optimistic became, and in some ways, remains very real. Throughout our community, we had to find new and innovative ways to teach, mentor, communicate with each other, and, perhaps most importantly, encourage and support each other during a very challenging time. 

2021 is going to be an exciting year for Nativity Prep. We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary as a School and an organization that ensures every student (and their family) will live a life of opportunity, choice, and service. We will be celebrating throughout the entire year; however, we will all look forward to a special 20th-year gala celebration in December of 2021. This night will provide an opportunity to honor all those who worked so hard to give birth to Nativity Prep and those who have nurtured and cared for Nativity as we journeyed through our first 20 years. 

I am confident we will look back at 2020 as a year that provided valuable lessons and valuable reminders of what is truly important. I believe we will truly understand, that we are brothers and sisters in a loving world, and with God’s love, and a passionate commitment to love one another, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Dr. Gil Brady

2020 Highlight

Purchased a new campus

Impact Report

2019-2020 Academic Year

As we prepare for 2021, we possess a new level of confidence and gratitude for the Nativity community. Despite the very real challenges of 2020, we witnessed extraordinary effort on the part of teachers, staff, sponsors, mentors, graduates, and students and families to ensure the purpose of Nativity prep continued to be well served, and our mission of college graduation for every student continued to be accomplished. In fact, as challenging as 2020 has been, our community will always remember this year as the year we opened a new campus in the face of numerous challenges and also the year we learned how deeply we must value our interconnectedness and always respond to the call to love one another as God loves us. There are a variety of casino games online that gamers can use, which means that the market is already flooded.


Scholarships Given Annually

Middle School - $900,000
High School - $221,000
College - $50,000


Students Served

Middle School - 65
Locals High School - 85
College/Universities - 97


Increase in Square Footage

We purchased a new campus and increased square footage by 52%.

This year, graduates from Nativity Prep proudly earned multiple college acceptances and have enrolled in the following universities:

New College Enrollment

Graduating at Higher Rates

After expanding the Graduate Support Program to include early intervention, our class of High School graduates are projected to graduate at even higher rates.

Simply attending Nativity Prep makes it THREE TIMES more likely a student will graduate from college within 6 years of high school graduation!

Middle School

With our new campus, we have created a space that allows students to learn on campus or at home learning based on their needs. We have operated using a Distance Learning Hub approach for our first trimester. This approach allows families to send their sons and daughters to school to learn, receive help from teachers, and receive our free breakfast and snack while also keeping the option open for students to stay home. Our students were learning virtually, which allowed each family and teacher to pick the safest option for them.


We believe our new location on College Avenue will significantly impact the long-term admissions plans for Nativity Prep. With private tours and virtual information sessions, we are able to safely share all that a Nativity Prep education offers, and new communication efforts are allowing us to invite those in our new community to learn about Nativity Prep. We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

Call or Text: 619-718-0246


What would we be without our families? Meet Esmeralda Valverde and Adrian Nequiz, parents of Emily, class of 2021, and Yoselin, class of 2018. They run a business offering residential and commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. Valverde-Nequiz family we appreciate your continuous love and support!

11-year Commitment

In February 2020, the 7th graders had the opportunity to tour UCSD and visit one of our graduates, Macy (NPA class of 2014, Parker class of 2018, UCSD class of 2022). 

Our NPA parents were scheduled for a campus tour at USD in April 2020. They could not tour in person, and instead, they attended a rescheduled virtual USD presentation in October 2020. 

At the end of last school year, we did not let the pandemic stop us from celebrating our 12th graders (NPA class of 2016). We reimagined our Annual College Signing Day by visiting all of our high school graduates and dropping off their college care packages and a congratulatory sign. 

Despite the challenges of meeting with each other in person, the Graduate Support Office quickly adapted. We shifted our weekly workshops and Summer Workshops to our virtual platforms. We even got creative with a Virtual Paint Party and a Virtual Christmas Party for our high school students. 

Although at times, it was frustrating and challenging, we were able to guide the 12th graders (NPA class of 2017) with their college applications, financial aid, and scholarships. Our 12th graders have already been admitted to the following universities: CSU San Marcos, Northern Arizona University, Sacramento State University, and Seattle University.


Nativity is working so hard to help students like me. Most of our parents have not achieved the success that we have the opportunity to achieve. They've always been there with me through that 11-year commitment, and they are still helping me out.


CCHS 2020, USD 2024