Welcome Class of 2031!

Welcome Class of 2031!

The Nativity Prep community is thrilled to welcome 22 incoming sixth graders to our program. This is their first step in a mutual 11-year commitment that will see them through college graduation. Mr. Sullivan, Nativity Prep’s Director of Admissions, shared, “This an extremely talented class of students. There are several leaders, all of whom are incredibly talented both in and out of the classroom. As we know from experience, when a class has leaders that excel, and make learning cool, it sets the tone for the class.”

We’d like to introduce you to two of these students, Katherine and Damian.

Katherine has two excellent role models in her older sisters, both of whom attended Nativity Prep. Keylie is a rising 8th grader, while Brittany is graduating from Cathedral Catholic High School and heading to The University of San Diego this fall. Katherine is excited to follow in her sisters’ footsteps, having witnessed their experiences and the support they received from Nativity Prep’s teachers.

Katherine is a very persistent young lady who does not let anything get in the way of her learning. For several years she has been participating in an after-school college/career program called the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI), a testament to her dedication and focus on the big picture. Mr. Sullivan shared, “I remember doing admissions outreach at BLCI back in October, and before I recognized her, she came and introduced herself to me, sat in front during the presentation, and was the only student to ask questions. Also, even before she knew she was admitted to Nativity Prep, Katherine was giving back to our community. On a day off from school in February, she was helping serve food and clear tables at our sponsor lunch.”

Katherine’s mother has high expectations for her girls and knows her role in helping them succeed. She loves Nativity Prep’s Catholic identity and its strong academic and character formation programs. Their mother shared, “The support Nativity Prep has given to our oldest, Brittany, has been important for her in reaching her goals and making it to college. We’re all excited for Keylie and Katherine to have that experience too.”

Damian’s family witnessed all the benefits of Nativity Prep from a family friend whose daughter graduated in 2019. Damian’s mother shared, “We always knew that when Damian was going into middle school, we wanted him to go to Nativity Prep.” Damian loves to learn and takes his academics seriously. He takes the initiative to contact his teachers when he needs help with schoolwork and does not let anything hold him back.

In addition to playing on a competitive soccer team, Damian participates in his school’s running club, safety patrol, and ballet folklorico. He loves going to school, where he hopes his perfect attendance will help him become an engineer after college. His mother shared, “He’s a very social person, so he’s looking forward to being in a small school and getting to know everyone really well. The idea that Nativity Prep will continue to support Damian after middle school is amazing. They create relationships and the students know they will always have someone that believes in them. They know they will be able to achieve their goals.”

On behalf of the entire Nativity Prep community, we would like to welcome the incoming 6th grade class and their families!