Graduate students from USD’s Hahn School help build campus garden

Graduate students from USD’s Hahn School help build campus garden

For the past three years, our partnership with the Hahn School of Nursing at the University of San Diego has benefited our students and families a great deal. In addition to providing on-site care for the usual bumps and bruises, our volunteer team of graduate students from Hahn have provided in-class seminars on a variety of health-related topics and have provided vision screenings and immunization-record checks as well.

Nativity students and graduate students from the Hahn School of Nursing at USD work together to plant seedlings for our school garden.

This year, in our effort to focus even more on nutrition and healthy eating habits, the Hahn students have completed a months-long effort to raise funds for, design, and build an organic garden at our school. In early November, with help from a number of benefactors and volunteers, the Hahn nursing team successfully completed construction on four raised-bed containers, in which they planted, with the help of our students, a variety of edible plants. Among the nutritious selection of vegetables, herbs, and fruits now growing in our garden, we are beginning to see broccoli plants, strawberry vines, basil, and beets thriving in the soil.

Each student at Nativity is responsible for completing his or her ‘job’ on campus each day. In addition to helping with recycling efforts, with keeping classroom boards clean, and with helping serve breakfast and lunch, one lucky student now has the responsibility of watering the garden plants daily.

As part of a larger effort to teach students about healthy eating habits, our garden project was designed and now functions as a way to educate students and families about the feasibility of starting and sustaining their own organic gardens at home.

We give special thanks to all of the graduate students at Hahn this year who have helped with this important project, and we give special thanks as well to all of the benefactors who contributed financially to the effort.