The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

The next chapter in the lives of 24 Nativity Prep 8th grade students will start this fall when they begin their high school journey. Their preparations for high school started in the sixth grade during their weekly Graduate Support class, taught by Nativity Prep staff, which provided them the tools needed to thrive in this next phase of their academic journey.

Throughout their middle school years, they dive deep into what it takes to be a successful high school and college student, as well as the various career opportunities they can pursue post-graduation. They also had the opportunity to visit the campuses of several San Diego-based college-prep high schools.

Bill Sullivan, Nativity Prep’s Director of Admissions & High School Placement shares, “It was pretty obvious when this class started 6th grade that they were unique. They have interests and talents beyond the typical middle school areas of interest. They engage in healthy debates about a lot of different topics like robotics or engineering, art, music, and movies. Learning and being smart in this class is cool. The leaders of the class are also the best students, and they care about being kind and are grateful. These attitudes spread throughout the class. This class also has a very engaged group of parents. I’m confident this class will do great things in the world.”


This Fall Nativity Prep Class of 2020 will be attending:

Cathedral Catholic High School

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Mater Dei Catholic High School

Cristo Rey High School

High Tech High

The Bishop’s School

Francis Parker School

The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Kearney High School


Join us in celebrating the Nativity Prep Class of 2020! We look forward to continuing our relationship with them at our weekly High School Workshops.