Ten students elected to NJHS for 2012-2013

Ten students elected to NJHS for 2012-2013

In early October of this year, ten Nativity students were recognized for their academic and leadership accomplishments with their induction into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). Students elected to NJHS are done so within a set of criteria set by NJHS and by the chapter school. This year marks the beginning of what we expect will provide more motivation for a greater number of our students to excel and to therefore be recognized for their accomplishments here at Nativity Prep and outside of school.

Membership in NJHS is, as the organization makes clear, “both an honor and a commitment.” Throughout their term of membership, which extends beyond middle school into the National Honor Society for high-school aged students, students must be committed to maintaining excellence in academic achievement and excellence as well in service to others and overall character and citizenship.

Our ten NJHS inductees for the 2012-2013 academic year, shown here at the NJHS induction ceremony in October 2012.

Established in 1929, NJHS seeks to encourage middle school students to use, and to recognize them for having used, their “talents and skills for the improvement of society.” All ten of our newly elected NJHS scholars, along with their all of their classmates in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, participate each month in school-sponsored community service projects. This year, our sixth graders serve at a local community recreation park to help eradicate graffiti and to maintain cleanliness at the park; our seventh graders serve as tutors to kindergarten students at a local elementary school; and our eighth graders prepare and serve meals to the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul Center in downtown San Diego.

Our hope and expectation is that each year going forward, a greater and greater number of our students have the honor of being recognized as NJHS members. This year, we are proud of the accomplishments of our ten NJHS scholars and wish them greater success this year and beyond.

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