Princeton, Stanford, Penn, and Yale among college hopes for Nativity alum

Princeton, Stanford, Penn, and Yale among college hopes for Nativity alum

Judy Martinez, a graduate from Nativity’s Class of 2009 and now a senior at The Bishop’s School (La Jolla), was recently named a finalist for the Questbridge Scholarship Program. Of the 33 partner colleges in the Questbridge network, Judy has applied to eight (8), which is the required maximum number of schools to which candidates can apply. They are Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Brown, Scripps College for Women, Pomona College, and Penn.

Questbridge is a national organization dedicated to supporting high-achieving, low-income students on their journey to college. Last year, in 2011, more than 70% of the Questbridge finalists nationally had the distinction of being from families where they would be the first to graduate from college, and more than 70% of them were also among the top 5% academically in their senior class.

Judy Martinez, NPA Class of ’09, pictured here as a seventh grader in the fall of 2007. Judy is now a senior at The Bishop’s School, vying for a coveted four-year scholarship to a number of top-ranked colleges.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to students who earn the honor of becoming Questbridge scholars is the extent of financial support that Questbridge provides: 100% of tuition costs and costs for room and board are covered for four years at the partner college once a student commits to attend. Among the 33 Questbridge partner colleges are Princeton University, Wellesley College, Columbia University, MIT, Dartmouth College, Yale University, Oberlin College, and the University of Chicago, all top-ranked and highly selective colleges and universities in the U.S.

Given her impressive academic record and her extensive involvement in extracurricular activities and projects both at Bishop’s and outside of school, Judy feels she has an excellent chance of being accepted to one or more of her top eight college choices. At whichever college she decides to matriculate, Judy has her heart set on studying biology in the pre-med discipline. One day, she hopes to become a doctor to help those in need.

Judy will hear from the eight colleges to which she has applied by or before the 30th of November. The entire Nativity Prep community is proud of her accomplishments thus far and wishes her all the best as she prepares for college next year.

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