Nativity graduate from 2005 prepares for adventure in Germany

Nativity graduate from 2005 prepares for adventure in Germany

By Jennifer Damian, Nativity Class of 2005

I have always been blessed with unique opportunities. I was born in San Diego in 1990, and 11 years later Nativity Prep opened its doors, just when I was beginning fifth grade.

I graduated from Nativity’s very first class of alumni in 2005 and continued my education at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, where I graduated in 2009.

From the time I became an NPA alumna to the time I ended my studies at OLP, I returned each week to Nativity Prep for help with my math and English homework. And on each occasion, there were teachers available to help me, regardless of the responsibilities they carried as part of the ten-hour school day.

Aside from the tutoring they provided, they also helped me and my classmates apply for colleges and scholarships. During my senior year in high school, the Graduate Support Program would meet twice a week to research career options, complete scholarship applications, and write college essays.

After many hours of working to earn admission to college, I was at long last admitted to SDSU where I am now a college senior pursuing a double major in business management and Spanish. I have also completed a Translation and Interpretation Certificate at State. My next step is going to the University of Heidelberg in Germany this coming fall for a semester where I will be studying a variety of business courses and completing a professional internship.

After 13 years I can say that, without a doubt, my life would not be anything like this had it not been for the help Nativity provided since the first day I stepped onto its campus. I am forever grateful to Nativity for all they have done for me and the other graduates.

And now, I am working part-time at Nativity as an administrative assistant. This opportunity has enabled me to witness again all the hard work everyone puts into the students’ and graduates’ futures day in and day out. No wonder that the common refrain among graduates is, “There is no place like Nativity.”

In partnership with all of us, the fortunate ones to be called Nativity graduates, and with our families, Nativity provides an infinite number of opportunities for each and every one of their students over the course of this unique 11-year commitment, from middle school through high school to college.

I am very lucky to be part of the Nativity Prep family. And very grateful.

Danke schöen!