Girls on Track returns for a second year

Girls on Track returns for a second year

by Mrs. Jill DeDolph, Girls on Track coach/Nativity faculty member

Girls on Track 007
Nativity Prep’s Girls on Track team members for 2012-2013 pose for a picture the week before their 5K Sparkle and Shine run.

Girls on Track, we’ve got your back!” is the cheer that has echoed down the hallway on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for the past two months, signaling the end of another Girls on Track practice.

This is Nativity’s second year of partnering with Girls on the Run, a national non-profit program that uses running workouts and consciousness-raising lessons to help elementary- and middle-school girls navigate the challenges of growing up. The curriculum tackles such difficult issues as bullying, body image, and peer pressure while encouraging team work, community involvement, and healthy living. At the end of the 10- to 12-week semester, all of the girls participate in a 5K run, called the “Sparkle and Shine 5K.”

One sixth grade girl remarked, “I love going to Girls on Track practice because it makes me feel good about myself and makes exercise fun! We get to talk about our lives and our problems, and the coaches teach us healthy ways to work through them.”

Girls on the Run of San Diego selected Nativity Prep Academy to be one of its scholarship sites, meaning that each girl on our fifteen-member team received a 95% scholarship off the program registration fee. Additionally, each girl was granted free entry into the Sparkle and Shine 5K, received a free water bottle, t-shirt, and a pair of brand-new running shoes. We are extremely blessed with the opportunity to share this wonderful program with our girls.