In Memory of Richard Morneau

In Memory of Richard Morneau

In Loving Memory of Richard "Dick" Morneau

Dick Morneau was a mentor and a friend of Nativity. He brought joy to everyone he touched in our community.

Dick was a great ambassador for Nativity Prep Academy. Each year, he would use his vast network of friends to get donations for our golf tournament. He introduced new donors to the school and would get over a thousand dollars in restaurant gift cards for our Golf Tournament raffle. He also made sure we received the best service and pricing when we hosted our annual Golf Tournament at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course, where he worked as a marshal. 

After first learning about our program, Dick began his involvement as a mentor to one of our 6th-grade students. He showed up each Friday for three years with a huge smile as well as a unique bottle of root beer to share with his mentee. Over the years, he encouraged his mentee to follow his dreams. When asked, his mentee said, “Richard taught me about responsibility and to always do your work on time. Also, that everyone deserves respect and it should be given to them. I definitely learned about golf, too.”

Dick was a special man with a huge heart. He will be greatly missed.