Wellness Policy

Nativity Prep Academy of San Diego, Inc. Local Wellness Policy

Student Wellness

Nativity Prep Academy (NPA) recognizes the link between student health and learning and provides a comprehensive program promoting healthy eating and physical activity for students. We have built a comprehensive wellness program that supports and reinforces healthy lifestyles through health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, psychological and counseling services, health promotion for staff, a safe and healthy school environment, and parent/guardian and community involvement.

NPA’s student-wellness policy has been developed with the involvement of teachers, full- and part-time staff, health-services staff, parents/guardians, students, school food service professionals, school administrators, and members of the public.

Nutrition Education and Physical Activity Goals

Under the direction of the school’s administrators, NPA has adopted goals for nutrition education, physical activity, and other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness.

NPA’s nutrition-education and physical-education programs are based on research consistent with the expectations established in the State’s curriculum frameworks and standards, and are designed to build the skills and knowledge all students need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition education shall be provided as part of health education from 6th through 8th grade and, as appropriate, shall be integrated into core academic subjects and all other student activities and programs (e.g., clubs, study hall, interscholastic sports, etc.).

All students have ample opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis through moderate to vigorous physical activity during physical education, recess, school athletic programs, and extracurricular programs. All students are encouraged to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activities as appropriate.

All staff serve as positive role models by participating in regular physical activity and maintaining healthy eating habits. In partnership with a team of graduate students from the University of San Diego’s Hahn School of Nursing, professional development for faculty includes strategies teaching and promoting healthy behaviors.

To maintain consistency between home and school, NPA faculty and staff communicate with parents, as needed, for wellness-related updates and activities.

Nutrition Guidelines for Foods Available at School

NPA participates in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) meal program and, as such, abides by the nutrition guidelines established by the State of California and the local SDUSD meal program for all foods available on each campus during the school day, with the overall objective of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity.

NPA’s administration assures that foods and beverages available to students at our school support the health curriculum and promote optimal health. Faculty and staff discourage the use of non-nutritious foods to recognize student academic performance, accomplishments, or classroom behavior.

NPA‘s faculty and staff shall encourage parents/guardians and other adult volunteers to support student wellness by considering nutritional quality when selecting snacks for class parties, and limiting foods or beverages that do not meet nutritional standards. Class parties or celebrations are typically held after our scheduled lunch period.

Guidelines for Reimbursable Meals

Foods and beverages provided through federally reimbursable school meal programs meet or exceed federal regulations. NPA participates in the National School Breakfast Program, the Seamless Summer Option, the After-school Snack Program, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, and the Special Milk Program.

Implementation, Periodic Assessment, and Public Updates

NPA’s administration designates one or more school employees, as appropriate, to ensure that we comply with this policy, and the administration assesses the implementation and effectiveness of this policy at least once every two years.

The assessment includes the extent to which NPA is in compliance with this policy, the extent to which this policy compares to model wellness policies available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and a description of the progress made in attaining the goals of the wellness policy.

Posting Requirements

NPA posts policies and regulations on nutrition and physical activity in public view within the school kitchen.