Student Library Services

Student Library Services
Open-sourced Automated Library System

For the past ten years, our students and faculty have relied on the expertise of a highly experienced volunteer librarian for a variety of library-service needs. Since 2002, with a starting collection of only ten (10) donated encyclopedias, Mrs. Karen Lon has worked tirelessly to help build our impressive library collection that to date totals nearly 3,000 titles.

Our on-site library collection includes a wide variety of high-interest YA (Young Adult) books in both non-fiction and fiction; eight (8) full sets of general and specialized encyclopedia sets; and a range of additional reference books (atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, thesauruses, etc.), all of them for use both at home and at school by teachers and students alike.

Since 2002, we have relied on the generosity of a number of Nativity benefactors to help fund the purchase of hundreds of high-interest books for our library’s independent-reading collection. Mrs. Lon’s efforts to motivate our young learners also continue in the classroom–working directly with students in each academic quarter to deliver ‘book talks’ that feature new trends in YA literature, supporting particular research topics in a variety of content areas across all three grades, and serving as a resource for teachers to supplement content-area curriculum.

This year, we have initiated an online search system for our Nativity Library collection. The OPALS portal (Open-sourced Automated Library System) allows students, teachers, and other guests to check the availability of any title in our library and to further access other information databases and library collections.

For more information about our student library services, please contact Mrs. Karen Lon, Librarian, at 619-544-9455 x 245, or by e-mail at