Interscholastic Athletics

Interscholastic Athletics

Students who maintain grades of “C-” or better, and who achieve corresponding marks in effort and citizenship, are considered academically eligible to play interscholastic sports. In three seasons throughout the year—fall, winter, and spring—boys can choose to play flag football, basketball, and soccer, respectively; and girls can choose to play volleyball, soccer, and basketball. We also offer the opportunity for both our girls and our boys to compete in interscholastic track meets through the Catholic Sports League of San Diego.

In any given year, roughly 90% of our students choose to participate in one or more seasons of interscholastic sports, and approximately 60% of our graduates go on to play interscholastic sports in high school. For most of our middle-school students who choose to play interscholastic sports at Nativity, it is the first opportunity they have had to play organized sports of any kind.

And while our teams have done relatively well in competition against local Catholic middle schools, and a few of our teams have even advanced to the playoffs in their respective sports, we emphasize sportsmanship, “academics first,” and a respect for oneself and for opponents above all else. In 2012, our boys varsity soccer team made history by winning 1st place in our league playoffs.

For more information on interscholastic athletics, please contact Ms. Kelly Determan, Director of Athletics, at 619-544-9455, x 237, or by e-mail at